“Amazing result. I had surgery in the afternoon and walked out without pain late afternoon. Two weeks later the stitches are out, swelling reduced and normal knee function restored. A master craftsman and highly recommended.”

“Excellent service - always on time for the appointment. Problem well explained and treatment excellent during the operation and time spent in the hospital. Follow up treatment with consultant and physiotherapists also excellent.”

“Having your knee replaced is a very painful procedure but I've worked hard at getting back to normal and I do feel that the fabulous surgery was an integral part of my speedy recovery. Mr. Bradbury is a super surgeon! He does an amazing job.”

“Mr. Bradbury is an excellent surgeon. He has now fixed both of my knees. The whole hospital experience is amazing and will always be my first choice for any future surgical procedures.”

“Just thought I would let you know that I had a very successful weeks skiing in Verbier and got back last weekend. Weather fantastic and knee held up very well. Many, many thanks.”

“I couldn't ask for a better surgeon than Neil, he has honestly changed my life in 1 year and I can't thank him enough.”

“I would sincerely like to thank you and your team for the work you did on my knee after the x-ray revealed a 'nasty' break. Your expertise has given me back the use of this leg and I can now walk unaided for half a mile or more. The previous knee operation has also been a complete success.”

“The process from start to finish was smooth and efficient. I always knew where I was in the process, what to expect and when. A thoroughly professional service with a smile.”

“Pre-op information first class. Post-op conditions also first class. Very successful operation.”

Personalised knee implant

Personalised knee implant


Personalised knee implants offer unique advantages comparatively to the more traditional knee replacement as no two patients have exactly the same knee anatomy.

Custom made knees

Each implant is created specifically for you and exactly mirrors the surface contours of your knee, providing bone preservation. The implants also provides an anatomic fit with less bone cutting than traditional treatments.

Patients with unicompartmental disease are able to preserve their knee for future treatments and may also experience faster recovery time and reduced post-operative pain than with traditional total knee replacement. In addition, the unique instrumentation can improve alignment and provide a more natural feel to the knee, which can reduce implant wear and extend the life of the knee joint.

More about the ConforMIS iUni personalised knee implants

  • Created for each patient, based on their individual anatomy
  • Minimally invasive, minimally traumatic procedure
  • Bone and cartilage preserving
  • Appropriate for young and active patients
  • Potential for less post-operative pain and shorter post-operative recovery
  • Preserves the ability to move to other treatment options in the future

Should you and your knee specialist decide that it is clinically appropriate for you to have a personalised iUni partial knee replacement,  you will have CT scan of your knee, the results of which will be sent to ConforMIS for review and implant production. Your individualised knee resurfacing device will be available approximately six weeks after the scan. The personalised implant will and personalised surgical instruments derived from your CT scan will be given to your knee specialist to guide the the precise placement of your implant.

Personalised knee implants allow noticeably more bone preservation than traditional knee replacements preserving bone for potential future treatment. The ConformMIS iUni (the “i” stands for individualised) is a unicompartmental knee resurfacing device designed for patients with arthritic damage limited to either the medial or lateral compartment. It provides patients with a range of partial knee resurfacing options in earlier stages of arthritis.

Matching precise geometry of the knee

New custom made partial knee replacement prostheses matches the precise geometry of a patients knee, are bone preserving and are providing excellent functional outcomes.

Personalised knee implants are designed for patients with arthritic damage limited to either the medial or lateral compartment.