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Mako robotic arm-assisted surgery

Very happy with the excellent standard of care and service provided by Neil Bradbury and his team.

My total knee replacement using the Mako robot assistance proved highly successful and I was able to return to playing golf and cycling after only five weeks with very little pain.

All in all a textbook outcome!

- Patient March 2022

I had a robotic knee replacement three weeks ago and cannot find words adequate enough to express my gratitude & admiration for Neil Kat & the whole team at Sulis. The initial consultation which included Genevieve cinched it for me-right team right time right place. My whole experience has been so positive-pain management was amazing. I am walking without sticks and going upstairs normally. My physio said she had never seen a patient walk in normally after two weeks in all her thirty five years experience. She thought she had the wrong patient. I thank you so much Neil for being at the top of your game & giving me back my quality of life-priceless

- Caroline Tredgett

I had my robotic knee surgery one week ago with amazing results, no pain after day 4 and I am getting around well, I can walk unaided but using sticks for safety, thank you so much, Mr Bradbury, Kat the anaesthetist and all your team including nurses, it is a real miracle, Ann

- Ann Phelps

I had a left knee replacement 9 years ago but with improvement in technology, this new knee has had less swelling, less pain and I have been able to mobilise it much easier.

I would definitely recommend robotic surgery. I am extremely satisfied and very grateful to Mr Bradbury and his ream.

- Patricia

The operation was a grand success and I made a surprisingly speedy recovery. I was able to bend my knee to 90% by the time I had the dressing removed and could manage without sticks in the house and garden within days of returning home. The robotic arm wielded by an experienced surgeon is obviously the way to go and I hope Mr Bradbury will be able to do my other knee in the fullness of time. If I could choose I’d also have the same anaesthetist - she was reassuring, delightful and effective! 
Now, two months on, I am pain-free, the swelling has reduced considerably and I can walk normally. Brilliant!

- Joanna Watkinson

So here I am - back home with my new knee and I can't believe how well and mobile I am!!

Mr Bradbury, Kat the Anaesthetist and his Mako robot are a truly top team!! I'm managing my many stairs and walking unaided - it's a miracle!

Thank you for making it all happen so quickly!

- Liz

Everything they say about Mr Bradbury and his team, from top to bottom is spot on. Just had my left knee replaced and after 4 weeks my knee is moving well and already feels like it's meant to be. Many, many thanks to all

- A Chivers

Delighted with recovery from my knee replacement using Mako robotic surgery with Neil Bradbury. Six weeks after surgery the results surpass expectations with excellent knee bend. The whole process from initial consultation to surgery was very informative and helpful. Thank you, Mr Bradbury and your team.

- Liz Robinson

It is with immense gratitude to you and your team that I am writing to thank you for such a successful knee replacement in November. You assured me of the benefits of the Robot Assistance, and my recovery so far is testament to that. After only two and a half weeks I am able to walk upstairs normally and am feeling very little pain. I shall certainly be back for the other knee to be replaced sometime.

- Lesley Fender

Knee Surgery

Delighted with the whole procedure from the initial consultation, the operation through to follow-up care.

Total professionalism, keeping one relaxed and in contact throughout.

- Anthony King

Everything really excellent. Mainly the result which is even better than the operation on the other knee 8 years ago.

Thanks utterly recommendable.

- Vince Parker

Very happy with the whole process - surgeon, anaesthetist, physio, hospital staff during stay. And very happy with the outcome.

Would (and already have) thoroughly recommend Mr Bradbury and his team and the Sulis Hospital.

- John Ryder

The operation went very well. No bruising and not too much swelling. Was able to walk without a stick after 10 days. Not too much pain and controlled with paracetamol and an ice pack.

- Mrs Buchan

My thanks to Neil Bradbury for a great job. So good to have no pain and look forward to walks, swims and many other alternatives once again.

- Mary Hunter-Inglis

Great treatment and care all throughout. Had to wait six hours before the operation so better scheduling would be an improvement. 

- John

The whole experience was very good after years of pain I am now completely pain free. I would recommend Mr Bradbury and all the hospital staff to anybody. The recovery was also very good.

Thank you.

- Margaret

I am very happy with my new knee. It was getting so painful I found the shortest walk a trial, and this is a new lease of life. Thank you very much. 

My hospital stay was not nearly as bad as I'd expected. I enjoyed the Pad Thai lunch!

- Marilyn

I was very well looked after both pre-operatively and post-operatively. The pain was very well managed and I shall look forward to using my new knee which will allow me to lead an active life once again.

- Graham Jones

Excellent surgery. I have recovered well and much faster than I expected.

- Margaret

The treatment I received from Mr. Bradbury was fantastic. His advice was always clear and direct. 

His support staff were also very helpful and responsive when dealing with admin issues.

- Alex

Everything was excellent!

- Peter

Excellent staff, care, advice on wound management and pain relief. Fantastic surgeon and anesthetist.

- Janet

I was looked after extremely well in every respect. Well informed all the way. 

Very little pain, hospital food excellent. Wonderful consultant.

- Jill Thomas

Admin/organisation: courteous and efficient from start to finish.

Ward staff: Helpful and thoughtful throughout.

Operation: Outstanding result.Good information and explanation of procedure/post-op. Anaesthetic post-op pain control was excellent.

I have recommended Neil Bradbury and the Sulis hospital to friends and colleagues (and will be back to have the other knee done). Thank you.

- John Wilson

Explanation of procedures, exercises and recovery was excellent throughout. All the staff were amazing.

- Elaine

The attention I received was brilliant. The operation was and is such a success - I am out of pain and just so thankful. 

- Linda Granellrey

I don't think that, in my case, anything needs improving. Had a knee operation Monday, then home Wednesday. Called into work Friday and worked daily since. I am a joinery laminator so no heavy lifting.

The operation has improved my life completely. Thank you so much.

- Donald

Excellent surgical outcomes from different types of knee replacement operations (traditional v robotic-arm). Was well looked after on both occasions. Very happy with the results - the robotic knee surgery resulted in less swelling and was quicker to heal.

- Deborah Hancock

For the first time in years I can walk without pain thanks to a partial knee replacement. Neil Bradbury speaks honestly and gives enough technical detail to make perfect sense. I am extremely grateful for his expertise in all things to do with the knee and would recommend him to anyone with knee problems.

- Kate Monkcom

Just like to thank you once again.

You may recall that you diagnosed a ruptured Quadricep Tendon on my left knee, which you subsequently operated on in February; this was after a previous misdiagnosis by another hospital.

One of my fears was that I would not be able to drive my Morgan again which you sought to allay.

You will be pleased to know that this week I was able to climb into my Morgan and perhaps more significantly get out again with some degree of panache.

So again thank you for your help and intervention.

- David

It is exactly 7 months since my operation. This last week I skied every day and find that I ski better than last year with the sore knee. Thank you for making this possible. Your very grateful patient

- Roger

My wife came under the care of Mr Bradbury after sustaining a severe knee injury earlier this year. From the outset Neil and his team have provided prompt attention with excellent care thoughout; both technically in terms of her injury but he has also demonstrated a very caring attitude so thank you.

- Kevin

Excellent attention to detail through from initial contact to final consultation. Cannot fault any aspect of my contact with Mr Bradbury or his colleagues. Felt entirely relaxed throughout the procedure but would emphasis the importance of preparing for operation as this, I feel, served me well in my excellent and rapid recovery.

- John Evans

Mr Bradbury and all the team involved in my care were professional, confidence-inspiring and helpful throughout. They turned what could have been an ordeal into a positive experience. A very high standard has been achieved at Circle Bath hospital which should be inspirational to other hospitals

- Helen Shaw

From my initial experience meeting Mr Bradbury, his confidence and particularly his exceptional skills have given me back my confidence and independence, to build my future in walking free from pain.

My true thanks to the whole team for total professionalism. Brilliant.

- Rebecca Randall

I would like to thank Mr Bradbury for his amazing expertise. I am in my 6th month now following the operation and really feeling the benefit.

Following a return from a holiday in Spain in a wheelchair, after getting out of a car awkwardly and having a bleed in what was already a painful knee, the difference with my new knee has been life changing.

I would also like to thank the Anaesthetist for convincing me that an epidural was all I needed for the operation. Being awake during what was as very swift procedure was a peaceful and interesting experience.

- Rhoda Lloydbottom

I cannot recommend Neil highly enough. Six months after surgery my knee is back to normal and I am looking forward to our next ski holiday! I never imagined the process would be so painless or so quick – a truly incredible job – thank you so so much.

- Helen Playne

I felt that the whole team were excellent from start to finish.

- Richard Bevan

All good. Both knees back to playing sport. 

Quality of life so much improved. 

Can’t thank Neil and his team enough. Thank you

- Andrew Butcher

I felt fully engaged from the start and actually found the whole process quite enjoyable! I felt informed without being patronised, well prepared, both by the consultation with Neil, the paperwork and booklets.

The outcome has exceeded my expectations and the care was tremendous, as was the pain management.

- Richard Anstey

‘Thank you’ seems inadequate words for the debt of gratitude I owe you all. Your expertise and skills heal body and soul. Your care and kindness humble me.

- Jack

Thank you so much for seeing me and treating me so quickly after my skiing accident! I was amazed and impressed that you managed to arrange my surgery so quickly. Mum and I have a nickname for you – GOD!

- Chrissie

Thank you for the excellent operation you did on my knee. It has healed up really well with only a very small scar left. Most of the acute pain is now gone and each week it pains a little less.

I am looking forward to the long (pain free) walks I used to do before.

So many thanks, you are the best.

- Pat

Mr Bradbury did a fantastic job on my left knee. At 75 I now have my life back!

- Margaret Horsley

Care very good. Mr Bradbury was faultless. Would have liked to see specialist physiotherapist, Genevieve, all through my recovery as she was very helpful. Saw her at 6 months after my knee operation.

- Barb Jones

I am now in week 6 after the operation on my knee and I feel I must express my admiration for your skill and delight at the result.

I am walking well and striding confidently into a bright new future. Many thanks.

- Paul

Pre-op information first class. Post-op conditions also first class. Very successful operation.

- Gordon

Mr. Bradbury is an excellent surgeon. He has now fixed both of my knees. The whole hospital experience is amazing and will always be my first choice for any future surgical procedures.

- Nicola Ingerfield

Having your knee replaced is a very painful procedure but I’ve worked hard at getting back to normal and I do feel that the fabulous surgery was an integral part of my speedy recovery.

Mr. Bradbury is a super surgeon! He does an amazing job.

- Vivienne Moon

Excellent service – always on time for the appointment. Problem well explained and treatment excellent during the operation and time spent in the hospital. Follow up treatment with consultant and physiotherapists also excellent.

- Pauline Woods

Meniscus repair surgery

Very pleasant and helpful staff, excellent immediate after-care and a lovely room. Thank you so much.

- Beryl Hurst

Knee cartilage surgery

From the Post Op everything was excellent and a pleasurable experience. Post Op care was outstanding.

The procedure itself has exceeded my expectations and I now enjoy life and leisure to a much greater extent. Totally pain-free.

My thanks to all the team.

- Paul

From start to finish I felt confident as I was being supported by an extremely skilled and professional team.

Mr Bradbury was able to diagnose and offer an extremely successful and pleasing solution for my debilitating knees.

Prior to his surgery I was in agony and unable to walk or even go about in my normal way.

Now 3 months on I have a new lease of life and can only offer my family and my own deepest gratitude for such an excellent outcome.

- Michael Crumpton

To speak to medical professionals who specialise in sports injury was a breath of fresh air.

The experience for me was the best it could be, especially as an athlete with a potentially career-ending injury. Everyone was caring and I was given the hope I so badly needed. It was now possible that I would get back to fighting fitness and continue doing what I love.

Exactly 9 Months and 3 days later and I wasn’t just back on my feet but back in the ring winning trophies

- Polly

Kneecap joint replacement surgery

Before my patellofemoral replacement surgeries in 2018, both knees were rickety, weak, unstable and painful when put under the smallest pressure. I couldn't walk easily over uneven surfaces, go up or down stairs or get up from a chair without significant discomfort or pain. It was something I had got used to but it was exhausting and debilitating.

Thanks to you I am now very comfortable, fully mobile and I'm back to fell walking which is wonderful. I would like you to know that I am very grateful to you every day for the new lease of life. Thank you so much.

- Sarah

I would sincerely like to thank you and your team for the work you did on my knee after the x-ray revealed a ‘nasty’ break. Your expertise has given me back the use of this leg and I can now walk unaided for half a mile or more.

The previous knee operation has also been a complete success.

- Beryl

Knee replacement surgery

I am happy to report that my progress has been good. I have seen the physiotherapist twice since December 2020. He was delighted with my progress (having initially counselled me about my impatience and competitiveness!) and has now signed me off. I have maintained my daily post-operative exercise regime, and am able to walk at least 3 miles per day without discomfort. I supplement that exercise with around 5 miles on my static spin bike twice a week. I am driving (manual gearbox), admittedly small distances but with no adverse reaction.

I am no longer taking prescription pain killers (with the very odd exception if I suffer discomfort at night) and I have stopped applying Ibuprofen Gel. I have however maintained the application of ice packs following extended exercise.

The only real discomfort I experience is stiff joints when I get up every morning, and when I climb the stairs to bed. Other than that I am most grateful that, as promised, you have given me back a quality of life that had been lost, particularly as I enjoy walking so much. A year ago I could not walk 400 yards without experiencing pain and discomfort.

My targets now (covid restrictions permitting) are to start cycling again, play a little cricket (I am a batsman, not a bowler) for my village team, swim, and rekindle my love of golf. If I should find that cricket is too much of a challenge I shall finally retire gracefully.

I fully appreciate that recovery from knee surgery can take up to 12 months, but in the meantime, I really do consider my financial investment in private surgery to have been a good one, and I would like to thank you most sincerely. 

- Rob

Really happy! Walked without sticks from day three and paracetamol only from the end of day one. Walked 3/4 of a mile on day ten. Now (at almost 6 weeks) walking one mile a day, some stiffness the next day but soon improves. 

I am the poster girl for knee replacements! Friends are astounded by the difference.

- Imogen

Thank you for the great knee surgery. You have now given me two new knees which have been greatly admired by my physiotherapist and my podiatrist and many others.

You fitted me with a completely new knee on 20th June. It is absolutely amazing and I’m getting on and off, riding and jumping with ease. It has brought back all the possibilities in retirement that had come to an end with a bad knee. It’s not yet four months since the operation…..lets hope the rest of the bones hold out!

Thanks for a brilliant job.

- Bridget Hyslop

In 1952, at the age of 12 years, I was involved (and allegedly ‘fatally injured’) in a motor cycle crash. This left me with a damaged left knee, a compound fracture of the left femur that shortened my leg and a skull injury that totally destroyed any hope of hearing again with my right ear. At the age of 15 my treatment had been completed and I was registered disabled.

Since that time I have adjusted to a limited knee bend of max 90 degrees and a shortened, weakened left leg. I have never consciously allowed my disabilities to restrict me. Being sport orientated, and competitive generally, I have competed regardless of my disabilities in testing activities such as squash, tennis, running etc.

On 20th December 2016, now some 65 years on, Mr Bradbury carried out a total knee replacement at Circle Bath hospital on my then arthritic, unstable and misaligned left leg. This operation has been the culmination of a programme put together and delivered by an incredible team producing an awesome result in a comfortable, caring, friendly, relaxed and highly professional environment.

Now, 7 months on and for the first time after a period of 65 years I walk ‘proudly normal’. Without pain, discomfort or caution on any surface. For me this has been a truly life-changing experience.

I wish to convey my immensely grateful thanks to Mr Bradbury and to everyone involved with the so unexpected final outcome of my treatment. I will most certainly be recommending Mr Bradbury and Circle Bath hospital to the many people who, virtually daily, remark on the outcome of my situation.

- Nigel Paull

You very kindly carried out my knee replacement surgery in October. This is a very short but sincere thank you.

I found that your whole team were brilliant – efficient, professional, helpful, friendly and generally gave a very reassuring air of total competence.

My operation and subsequent aftercare was second to none.

Thanks again and congratulations to your team from very satisfied patient.

- Tony

I thought you might like this news from a former patient to whom you gave a complete right knee replacement on 22nd June 2015 when I was 83. Now, after 13 months, I have completed the tour of Mount Viso in the Italian Alps, near Turin. This involved crossing five passes, going clockwise around the mountains and climbing some 4500m high (descending the same).

Your knee gave me no trouble at all and there was no pain or discomfort; I just did not notice it. It was a really memorable holiday and the weather was consistently fine. Thank you very much for making it possible for me to continue to enjoy the mountains.

- Roger Birnstingl

After having been treated by Neil for about 10 years the time finally arrived when he decided that a total knee replacement was necessary. This was carried out by Neil and his team at Circle Bath about 7 months ago. I needn’t have been apprehensive. Both Neil and I are keen cyclists and that was what we talked about throughout the operation, completely putting me at ease. The other staff in the operating theatre were equally friendly. Being an active sort of person I was obviously apprehensive as to what I would be able to do with the new knee. Neil promised much and the good news is that everything that he said would happen has happened. I am absolutely delighted with the end result. It far exceeds my expectations. Thank you very much Neil. Exciting cycling trips planned for the summer, all thanks to you and your team!

- Tony Iveson

It's now a year since I had a total knee replacement. I would like to place on record my sincere gratitude to Mr Neil Bradbury, in particular, as the outcome has exceeded all my expectations.

My objectives to walk without pain and not to limp, to be able to stand tall with a straight spine and to rebuild my thigh muscle to match that of the ‘good’ leg have all been met. Furthermore, the lower leg which was 14 degrees out of alignment is now as it should be.

Initially I was very reluctant to go ahead with the procedure. I had heard stories of failures after just a few years and knowing that once committed there was no going back, the future appeared very uncertain. Indeed relevant and up to date information appeared difficult to find.

At the first consultation Mr. Bradbury gave me the confidence to proceed. Properly done, he said and respected by myself, the operation would last the remainder of my life. Finally, he assured me that after 12 months I would wonder what all the fuss was about. I am delighted to be able to agree.

- Richard Fox

Knee replacement (partial) surgery

You all did so much to relieve my anxiety and concerns with my knee replacement. I shall remember you with gratitude every time I walk the dog in the future. Thank you

- Carole

Now that I seem to be well on the road to recovery, I’d like to thank you personally for my new partial knee replacement on 31st July 2017. Having not quite had the courage to watch the full operation on your website, I am nevertheless aware of the enormous skill and expertise required for this procedure.

So I would like to thank you and your team for giving me a better style of walking and the ability to lead a more normal life.

If your timetable allows, I hope to be back for the left partial knee replacement early in the new year. Until then, with many thanks to you and your team.

- John

Neil performed two partial knee replacements for me, two years apart.

They have both made a fantastic difference to my life – from a nagging pain all day and extreme pain at night – effecting my sleep to ZERO pain, sleep! and great mobility

He’s so reassuring and professional and the team really caring.

- Jane Ingham

Knee arthroscopy surgery

Excellent diagnosis and plan to extend the life of my knee, and consequently my skiing activities.

Explanation of before, during and post op were spot on.

My leg now better than I anticipated. Neil is very direct, which cuts through any waffle, and ensures you completely understand what to expect.

Would thoroughly recommend.

- John Cox

Amazing result. I had surgery in the afternoon and walked out without pain late afternoon. Two weeks later the stitches are out, swelling reduced and normal knee function restored. A master craftsman and highly recommended.

- Alexander Gales

It is now 6 months since my knee arthroscopy and the knee is virtually back to normal. Many thanks for operating so promptly. The treatment at Circle was excellent.

- Martin Guest

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Back in February 2012 I had a terrible skiing accident and at the time it looked like I would lose my leg.

Following an operation in Andorra to stabilise my leg and two further operations by Neil to reconstruct my knee, I am now living a life of which I could only have dreamed.

The reconstruction work was simply brilliant and I am now doing all the things I used to do including skiing again with my four year old daughter which is priceless.

I really appreciate everything he and his team have done for me.

- Tarquin

The process from start to finish was smooth and efficient. I always knew where I was in the process, what to expect and when.

A thoroughly professional service with a smile.

- Anthony Evans

Articular cartilage replacement (grafting)

The recovery from my BioPoly operation has exceeded my expectations. I am walking around, climbing stairs, shopping and driving within three weeks of the operation. I couldn't be more delighted with the outcome and plan to be back playing golf in the next two weeks! Big thank you to Mr Bradbury and all his team.

- Steven Murphy

Personalised knee implant

I wanted to say a very big thank you to you and your team for my new knee. It all appears to have been a huge success and I am very grateful to you. Furthermore, I could not have been better looked after in my short time in the Circle Bath hospital and my thanks, too, to your extremely hard-working clinical and nursing staff, not to mention all those who, in the background, contribute towards the comfort and security of the patients. It was an excellent experience and I sing your praises.

- Andrew

Knee Cartilage Injuries and Meniscal Tears

I’m an ultra runner - I’d been off running for 6 months with a knee problem.

11 months ago during a small operation Neil fixed it!

So thanks to Neil this weekend I completed my goal of running 100 miles completing it in 26 hrs 27 mins.

Neil is a brilliant surgeon, and was very practical in his approach to my recovery.

- Mel Corden-Lloyd

Posterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

Neil performed a PCL replacement in my right knee back in 2000. At the time, it was a procedure that few knee surgeons had the skills to perform.

He fully informed me of the risks attached to the procedure, the likelihood of success and allowed me to take my time to decide on how I wished to proceed,

17 years on, the outcome can only be described as a major success.

I’ve continued to ski, run, play golf, with confidence.

The best decision I made was to trust Neil with my knee, top man!

- Keith Farrow

Just thought I would let you know that I had a very successful weeks skiing in Verbier and got back last weekend. Weather fantastic and knee held up very well. Many, many thanks.

- Christopher

Osteoarthritis of the knee

Fantastic experience!

I was quite anxious about it but the whole process was excellent. It's now six weeks since my knee surgery and I feel back to normal. 

So worth it and would recommend Mr Bradbury to anyone - 100%

- Sally Akers

Kneecap dislocation

Everything was wonderful. I am now completely pain free and absolutely thrilled.

- Heather Milton

I couldn’t ask for a better surgeon than Neil, he has honestly changed my life in 1 year and I can’t thank him enough.

- Emma Chandler

Knee Joint Surface damage (Chondral)

An excellent result at my six month review. Quite apart from surgical precision and a good hospital experience follow up physiotherapy was very good.

- Brian Luker

Medial collateral ligament (MCL) injury

I am 100% happy with both the operation and the aftercare I have received. I would very much recommend Mr Bradbury and his team to family and friends.

- Ashley Juniper

Pre-operative discussions with Mr Bradbury and physios were excellent – I was left in no doubt about what to expect from surgery.

Surgery was more than excellent – I could not recommend Mr Bradbury highly enough.

Anaesthesia – revolutionary – spinal injection without sedation – nothing to fear and easier to recover.

Post-operative physio was very good, helpful and reassuring.

- Heather Brown

Lateral collateral ligament (LCL) injury

Recovery from my knee operation was much quicker than expected. By 10 months I hardly knew I’d had problems with my knee. Able to walk properly again without any thought.

- Anthony Morton

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