“You all did so much to relieve my anxiety and concerns with my knee replacement. I shall remember you with gratitude every time I walk the dog in the future. Thank you”

“To speak to medical professionals who specialise in sports injury was a breath of fresh air. The experience for me was the best it could be, especially as an athlete with a potentially career-ending injury. Everyone was caring and I was given the hope I so badly needed. It was now possible that... Read More

“Everything was wonderful. I am now completely pain free and absolutely thrilled.”

“Thank you for the excellent operation you did on my knee. It has healed up really well with only a very small scar left. Most of the acute pain is now gone and each week it pains a little less. I am looking forward to the long (pain free) walks I used to do before. So many thanks, you are the... Read More

“Thank you so much for seeing me and treating me so quickly after my skiing accident! I was amazed and impressed that you managed to arrange my surgery so quickly. Mum and I have a nickname for you - GOD!”

“'Thank you' seems inadequate words for the debt of gratitude I owe you all. Your expertise and skills heal body and soul. Your care and kindness humble me.”

“I felt fully engaged from the start and actually found the whole process quite enjoyable! I felt informed without being patronised, well prepared, both by the consultation with Neil, the paperwork and booklets. The outcome has exceeded my expectations and the care was tremendous, as was the pain... Read More

“Neil performed a PCL replacement in my right knee back in 2000. At the time, it was a procedure that few knee surgeons had the skills to perform. He fully informed me of the risks attached to the procedure, the likelihood of success and allowed me to take my time to decide on how I wished to... Read More

“You fitted me with a completely new knee on 20th June. It is absolutely amazing and I'm getting on and off, riding and jumping with ease. It has brought back all the possibilities in retirement that had come to an end with a bad knee. It's not yet four months since the operation.....lets hope the... Read More

Post-op rehabilitation

Post-op rehabilitation


Our orthopaedic physiotherapy team are highly experienced in providing rehabilitation for a wide range of knee issues. Your physiotherapist will work closely with the knee specialists and nursing staff to facilitate your recovery and ensure the highest level of care and guidance are achieved.

Your physiotherapist will assess your current capabilities in terms of strength, range of motion, mobility, and posture as well as find out about your lifestyle and goals following surgery. We will then create a tailor made rehabilitation programme based on your condition and the type of knee surgery that you have received.

The inpatient stay is often only the beginning of your recovery from surgery and further physiotherapy support is needed when you leave hospital to return you to full function. We will be involved in your rehabilitation whether it’s through the experienced outpatient physiotherapy department at the hospital or our associate physiotherapy programme. We will be there to help you fully achieve your goals and be there for you for life.

We will provide you with a comprehensive in-depth guide which gives you a step by step description of your operation, answers a range of related questions and includes illustrations of exercises forming part of your rehabilitation programme.