“You all did so much to relieve my anxiety and concerns with my knee replacement. I shall remember you with gratitude every time I walk the dog in the future. Thank you”

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“Everything was wonderful. I am now completely pain free and absolutely thrilled.”

“Thank you for the excellent operation you did on my knee. It has healed up really well with only a very small scar left. Most of the acute pain is now gone and each week it pains a little less. I am looking forward to the long (pain free) walks I used to do before. So many thanks, you are the... Read More

“Thank you so much for seeing me and treating me so quickly after my skiing accident! I was amazed and impressed that you managed to arrange my surgery so quickly. Mum and I have a nickname for you - GOD!”

“'Thank you' seems inadequate words for the debt of gratitude I owe you all. Your expertise and skills heal body and soul. Your care and kindness humble me.”

“I felt fully engaged from the start and actually found the whole process quite enjoyable! I felt informed without being patronised, well prepared, both by the consultation with Neil, the paperwork and booklets. The outcome has exceeded my expectations and the care was tremendous, as was the pain... Read More

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“You fitted me with a completely new knee on 20th June. It is absolutely amazing and I'm getting on and off, riding and jumping with ease. It has brought back all the possibilities in retirement that had come to an end with a bad knee. It's not yet four months since the operation.....lets hope the... Read More

Anterior cruciate ligament injury

Anterior cruciate ligament injury


If you tear the anterior cruciate ligament in your knee, you may need to have re-constructive surgery. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a tough band of tissue joining the thigh bone to the shin bone at the knee joint. It controls front to back and, most importantly, pivoting or twisting movement.

ACL injuries

Knee injuries can occur during sports such as skiing, tennis, squash, netball, football and rugby. ACL injuries are the most common type of knee injury, accounting for around 40% of all sports injuries. You can tear your ACL when twisting, pivoting or with a direct blow. Regular giving way can lead to secondary damage to the menisci (shock absorbers) and articular cartilage (joint surface) as well as making twisting and turning difficult.

A ligament graft is required using material taken from the front of the knee or from the hamstring tendons behind the knee, both of which are able to re-grow to some extent.

Hamstrings or Bone-Patella-Bone grafts are used depending on which is the most suitable for the individual patient. Allographs from other donors can be used.

Common causes of an ACL injury include:

  • landing incorrectly from a jump
  • stopping quite suddenly
  • changing direction
  • collision, such as during a rugby tackle

If the ACL is torn, your knee will become very unstable and have a reduced full range of movement. This can make it difficult to perform certain movements, such as turning on the spot. Some sports may be impossible to play with such an injury.

How is it treated?

The ACL cannot easily be repaired so it is best treated by reconstruction where a piece of the patients own tissue (HAMS or BTB) is taken and put in it’s place. Successful ACL reconstruction surgery is a highly successful operation and post people can return to their previous level of sport from 6 months onwards after surgery.