“Amazing result. I had surgery in the afternoon and walked out without pain late afternoon. Two weeks later the stitches are out, swelling reduced and normal knee function restored. A master craftsman and highly recommended.”

“Excellent service - always on time for the appointment. Problem well explained and treatment excellent during the operation and time spent in the hospital. Follow up treatment with consultant and physiotherapists also excellent.”

“Having your knee replaced is a very painful procedure but I've worked hard at getting back to normal and I do feel that the fabulous surgery was an integral part of my speedy recovery. Mr. Bradbury is a super surgeon! He does an amazing job.”

“Mr. Bradbury is an excellent surgeon. He has now fixed both of my knees. The whole hospital experience is amazing and will always be my first choice for any future surgical procedures.”

“Just thought I would let you know that I had a very successful weeks skiing in Verbier and got back last weekend. Weather fantastic and knee held up very well. Many, many thanks.”

“I couldn't ask for a better surgeon than Neil, he has honestly changed my life in 1 year and I can't thank him enough.”

“I would sincerely like to thank you and your team for the work you did on my knee after the x-ray revealed a 'nasty' break. Your expertise has given me back the use of this leg and I can now walk unaided for half a mile or more. The previous knee operation has also been a complete success.”

“The process from start to finish was smooth and efficient. I always knew where I was in the process, what to expect and when. A thoroughly professional service with a smile.”

“Pre-op information first class. Post-op conditions also first class. Very successful operation.”

The future of knee surgery

Understanding regenerative surgery

To repair and regenerate our own bodies is the future of surgery.

Watch Neil Bradbury performing a meniscal transplant and cartilage repair. The Holy Grail of orthopaedics has always been the regeneration of articular cartilage.

How biological surgery can repair your knees

The best joint you’ll ever have is the one you’re born with and so our job as surgeons is to preserve your knee for as long as possible. The tissue you have at the start of your life is not going to be bettered by artificial tissue.

Biological surgery uses cells to try and regenerate normal human tissue. Using your own living tissue, and encouraging its  re-grow, we can  now provide a biological solution. This preserves function in the knee joint long-term and takes away the pain.

The nature of joint reconstruction surgery is changing

There’s a new wave of thinking in how surgeons manage knee injuries. Keeping your knee functioning, with your own cells, is the future. Many people, including the young, the middle-aged and athletes are benefiting more and more from the new wave of biological surgery.

Listen to Neil Bradbury’s views on biological techniques developed to preserve the life of your knee.

All over the world research and development programmes are looking at new and innovative techniques to provide biological solutions for injured joints. Exciting areas include the use of stem cells which are cells which have the ability to turn into different tissues.

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A talented, national level footballer she injured her knee, snapping her cruciate ligament four years ago. Luckily, a cruciate can be repaired and in this case a tendon from Lauren’s thigh was used to replace the ligament. A year later, another match, another hard tackle and damage to the meniscus, the shock absorber inside the knee.


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Since an early age I have competed in martial arts, training six times a week, twice a day. When I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament, during a judo seminar, I was devastated as I had a couple of big MMA fights lined up.


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I thought you might like this news from a former patient to whom you gave a complete right knee replacement at the age of 83. Now, after 13 months, I have completed the tour of Mount Viso in the Italian Alps, near Turin.


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My experience with knee surgeon Neil Bradbury has been brilliant. I came to him with so much knee pain. I’ve always been plagued with pain in my knees having already had four operations elsewhere. Neil Bradbury has sorted it out; his knowledge is phenomenal and he has really helped me.


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